Nice opportunity fiber laser for GARDET SA !

As recently announced, the company MCI 71 has decided to trust us in theinvestment of its new fiber laser with the purchase of a new EAGLE machine. The delivery of this machine is scheduled for September 2019. However, the paint booth manufacturing company did not need to keep its current laser cutting machine. A very recent EAGLE eVision 3kW 1530 in perfect condition! 

eagle fiber laser

It was therefore a very nice opportunity for a used fiber laser, given the few offers available like this one. Today, laser subcontractors and industrial sheet metal shops are investing more and more in the new fiber laser technology. It is therefore now much easier to find machines with CO2 sources at very attractive prices. An ideal compromise for companies wishing to start their laser cuttingactivities.

We are now pleased to officially announce that this machine will be taken over by the company GARDET SA ! Our team will assist the company in the acquisition of its first fiber laser.

The company

This family-owned SME based in Albertville (73) is an industrial and decorative sheet metal working.

Indeed, in addition to its traditional industrial sheet metal work (laser cutting, punching, bending...) the company offers services for the creation of custom-made stencils, trophies for events, advertising objects or even decorations.

The family business since 2 generations has recently been taken over by Mélanie Frey, daughter of the former owner Jean-Pierre Gardet. In addition to the investment in her new EAGLE laser, she wants to quickly revitalize and modernize her company's image. To this end, various strategic investments are planned in the short and medium term (communication, software, etc.)

fiber laser keeps its
Source: Réseau Entreprendre Savoie

The project

Thanks to this investment, the Savoyard company will be able to increase its capacity and production speed. The performance of the eVision machine is very interesting, it has an acceleration of 3G thanks to its linear motors. This equipment, which, like for the MCI company, will be a major asset in their production.

In addition, the advantage of the fiber laser is that it allows a significant reduction in operational costs, compared to a CO2 laser. Energy consumption (gas, electricity) and maintenance costs are extremely low. The company will also have the possibility to cut a wider range of materials (copper, brass...). Finally, the arrival of this new laser will allow them to double the cutting thicknesses produced by their current laser cutting machine.

We thank once again the company and its manager for the trust placed in SERVILASE!

Trumpf L3030: A.Fabre acquires its first laser cutting machine

For more than 15 years, we have had the pleasure of supporting nearly fifty companies in the acquisition of their first laser cutting machine. Indeed, to meet our customers' needs, we offer laser machines for sale new and toopportunities. Like Trumpf L3030 or L3050 lasers.

At first glance, investment in this type of industrial equipment may seem heavy and uncomfortable. Especially when your company has a small budget. Indeed, it will therefore be necessary to invest in second-hand equipment. Recently, we wrote an article to explain how choose your laser cutting machine.

At SERVILASE, we do everything possible to support our clients on long-term projects. Of course, the objective is to make life easier for them during their investment. Indeed, we wish to reassure our customers by offering them turnkey solutions for the acquisition of their laser cutting machine (relocation + installation + training + warranty + laser cutting maintenance)

A complete solution that has proven its worth for the many companies we have supported in the past!

The project

Today, it is with great pleasure that we accompany the company A. Fabre in the purchase of their first laser cutting machine.

This company based in Saumur (49) was founded in 1919. Since its creation this SME has been manufacturing wine pumps, its first activity in which it has a strong experience.

A.Fabre wine pump

Later, it developed by offering precision mechanics and industrial stainless steel sheet metal work services. It has recently moved to a new building, with a design office dedicated to their machine park. Thanks to its versatile team and new management, the company provides design, production and assembly services for its many customers. 

Thanks to this investment, the company's managers hope above all to be able to develop their industrial sheet metal activities. In addition, they will be able to internalize part of their production.

The investment in detail

Thanks to our experience in laser cutting machines, we were able to find a second-hand machine that perfectly met the needs of the company A. Fabre, managed by Julien Houdayer.

Indeed, it is a Trumpf L3030 3000W laser machine. It used to belong to the company Laser 87 located near Limoges. A reliable and versatile machine, using the CO2 laser technology in which we have been experts since our creation!

Moreover, this machine was very well maintained by its former owner, so it is an excellent compromise for the company A. Fabre which wishes, at first, to start in laser cutting. We would be delighted to support this SME in the start-up and development of their laser activity.

We thank them very much for the trust they have placed in our entire team!

Investment EAGLE fiber laser machine for MCI 71

We are proud to announce the sale of a second fiber laser machine EAGLE for the year 2019! We will therefore have at least 5 machines installed in France.

After investing in EAGLE Laser equipment in 2015, the company MCI based in Dompierre-les-Ormes (71) and a specialist in the design of paint lines, renews its confidence in the machines of our brand.

The company is currently in possession of an EAGLE eVision 1530 3kW fiber laser machine and has decided to invest in the new version of this machine!

Indeed, the new version will have additional options compared to the current version. It will be equipped with the new eVa cutting head. This first investment had enabled the company to internalize their production. Today, after more than 4 years, their machine has become a central part of their production. The SME has grown very quickly thanks to a strong growth in recent years!

Of course, like all the other machines of the EAGLE brand, it will be equipped with: a fibre laser source IPGlinear motors on all axes, an ultra-fast table change and a polymer concrete frame.

Current installation at MCI 71

With this new investment, we are pleased to see the enthusiasm of our customers for EAGLE fiber laser machines. Indeed, to date, 100% of customers who invested in a first machine have decided to invest in a second machine! A sign of confidence and undeniable satisfaction for SERVILASE.

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