VICLA® Press Brake

vicla electric press brake

History of press brakes: from the mechanical press to the hydraulic press

The press brake is an extremely versatile and complex machine. The technology on which it operates is only apparently commonplace, but in reality it is the result of considerable developments in the mechanical and technological field. In fact, if we compare a modern press brake with a machine from fifty years ago, seen from the outside, it seems to have changed little. In reality, they are two completely different machines. The external elements may still be the typical design we are all familiar with, but the mechanics and electronics of the CNC, for example, have evolved silently and inexorably.
From a conceptual point of view, there are no real major changes between a folding machine of the past and a modern folding machine. Indeed, both have the same goal: to bring a punch to a certain height from a die as precisely and repeatedly as possible.

And yet the hydraulic press brake of today is the result of a constant evolution of technology. Just as happened with the fiber laser machines, the press brake is now a concentrate of technological and mechanical innovation.

Would you like to know more about hydraulic press brakes? In that case, we suggest you to discover our Italian partner Vicla.

VICLA® Press Brake: innovation above all

VICLA® is a young Italian brand based in Albavilla, in the north of Italy, a pioneer country in the design of machine tools, and more particularly press brakes. Like all of our partners, we chose VICLA® for their incredible ability to innovate in the design of their hydraulic press brakes. All machines are manufactured in Italy with the best Italian and European components on the market.

This being said, despite the strong will to innovate in the design of these machines, the brand remains very attached to customization. This is clearly what makes them successful at the moment. And this, despite strong competition from the biggest historical brands such as Amada, Trumpf or Jean Perrot. They always manage to to develop press brakes that precisely meet the needs of their customers.<strong style="font-family: var( --e-global-typography-text-font-family ), Sans-serif;"> </strong>

Of course, we can't talk about innovation without talking about Industry 4.0! As you can see, all press brakes VICLA are compliant with Industry 4.0 regulations. In other words, your press brake analyzes, controls and corrects all of these parameters in real time in order to continuously increase the productivity of your company.

Wide range of press brakes and guillotine shears

Today, VICLA is clearly established as a major player in the machine tool industry in Italy and internationally. In fact, the company already has machines in several countries in Europe and the world. This success is due in particular to its unparalleled flexibility in the industry. This is why we have chosen the VICLA press brake to add to our catalog of SERVILASE products. Our objective is clear, we wish to provide a 360° expertise to our customers around the sheet metal working.

As for EAGLE with the fiber laser machinesWe are proud to have VICLA as one of our trusted partners.

Discover in video, the operation of the press brake marketed by VICLA® .