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Reassure yourself in the purchase of your used laser machine

At SERVILASE, we are at the start specialists in laser maintenance. But that's not all! Thanks to our expertise in laser cutting machines, we also offer the sale and installation of second-hand laser machines . We discuss with you your budget, your production needs but also your preferences in order to find the most suitable solution for your production site. Currently, we offer Trumpf, Bystronic or EAGLE Laser laser machines, second-hand fibre laser machines, among others. With our turnkey offers, we guarantee our customers reliability in the purchase of their second-hand laser.

Our real added value comes from our expertise in laser maintenance, which is generally reassuring in this investment approach!

Of course, with the rise of fiber laser technology, we notice that customers who wish to invest in these used laser machines are usually companies that want to start their laser business. Finally, thanks to our status as exclusive distributor of the EAGLE Laser brand, we can also offer you the trade-in of your CO2 laser machine. The idea is of course to facilitate your transition to the fiber laser machine of your dreams.

Satisfied customers with SERVILASE expertise

Since our creation in 2004, we have had the opportunity to accompany many companies in the development of their laser activity: South cutting industryA. Fabre...Beautiful companies that are today radiating thanks to the performance of their teams and their laser machines. You will have understood it, thanks to our support, our customers can develop serenely by concentrating only on a precise cutting of the metal within the framework of their production. Once this launching stage is over, they can then turn to the purchase of a fiber laser machine efficient! These machines have many advantages over CO2 lasers: speed and dynamics of the cut, significant energy savings... A choice that will undoubtedly allow your company to move up a gear in the laser industry!

As mentioned, we recently installed a Trumpf L3030 3kW laser machine at company A. Fabre, located in Saumur. An installation successfully completed, as you can see in the opinion of its manager Julien Houdayer 👇.


servilase laser cutting customer review
Our customer's opinion following the installation of a used Trumpf Trumatic L3030 laser machine