A complete range of machine tools for metal working

Since September 2019, we have decided to set up a range of products dedicated to the different laser cutting needs of manufacturers. First of all, we started distributing the machines EAGLE laser. Machines for the most demanding companies with high production levels.

Quickly, we noticed that not all companies needed such a high level of performance for their machines. Indeed, these companies have reduced production levels and low subcontracting costs. In general, the investment is made for obvious reasons: to gain flexibility and reduce the cost of the parts produced. Of course, in developing our range, we wanted to offer products that meet our requirements as specialists in laser cutting machines. Reliable, innovative equipment, equipped with the best components. All designed by European companies and manufactured in Europe.

Today, we are happy to distribute 3 brands in France. This range makes it possible to meet the expectations of different company profiles wishing to invest in a laser cutting machine. It will also allow us to meet the needs of our current customers who want to make the transition from their CO2 machines to their future fibre machine.

  • EAGLE laser, high-performance 2D fiber laser machines;
  • ViclaHydraulic and electric press brakes;
  • Costa Levigatricideburring machine for the finishing of your metal parts
  • Or our partnership with Remmert, the German reference for the automation of laser cutting machines with sheet metal rack dedicated to laser cutting.